The Power of Giving

John Coffin knows the transformative power of philanthropy; he understands the positive influence  of engaged friends and donors.  His experience and passion are the backbone of his expertise, and his philosophy is founded on caring and listening.  Being relevant and strategic for clients only works, he believes, on this basis.  Once connected as partners, all of this is to be shared.  He is happy and pleased to provide you with the solutions that you seek.  Now is the time to ask for a free consult about your fundraising and development needs.


About John Coffin

John Coffin’s educational background includes an AB from Dartmouth College and a MAT from Vanderbilt University. His career in fundraising spans nearly 40 years, and has involved service at a large private university, an historically Black college, a large publicly-assisted health sciences center and an historic (400 year-old) European University. Born in Iowa, John and his wife, Tina (and their two children) lived in Nashville, TN for ten years before moving to Little Rock, where they’ve enjoyed the last 35 years.