Fundraising Assistance For Your college, Hospital or Nonprofit


We provide expert fundraising advice and consultation to colleges, schools, museums, non-profit agencies, churches, hospitals and health care institutions.  Our mission is to assist these groups in meeting their fundraising and development objectives, pursuant to their overall goals.  Over the last seventy years non-profit institutions have grown to become vital to America’s educational, economic and social fabric. Supporting their continued success is the motivation behind the John Coffin Consultancy, LLC.


we're In HealthCARE or medicine

Urgency and relevance most often characterizes the need for additional funds in this arena.  Patient care is first and foremost, but it is most influenced by highly trained health care personnel, first-class hospitals and the quality educational institutions that train these sought-after professionals.  It is exciting to be part of the solution – better health for all - in helping everyone involved in all these organizations.

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we're A Museum, School, or university

Getting the education one needs and desires remains the pathway to the future of our country.  Our expertise in exploring and acquiring realistic fund-raising  possibilities for educational and cultural institutions rests on our experience, success and innovation – plus, our renewed commitment to sustain these foundational institutions that enable Americans to be the best they can be.

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we're A CHURCH or NonProfit

The non-profit community is truly the 4th estate in our country, and during the past 60 years, has added greatly to the success of Americans in all walks of life.  These groups are often led by volunteers, people driven by the best of motives.  To provide the thousands of services that they do, on-going fundraising and relationship building can be key, and we’re always privileged to be a partner in that effort.

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